I am Nelli Veijo, a Licenced Massage Therapist (Koulutettu hieroja) and an Entrepreneur from Mäntsälä, Finland, and WELLNELL is my very own wellness company promoting for the wholesome, relaxed style of everyday wellbeing. 

I studied Massage Therapy in Porvoo, specializing in joint mobility, and currently work in Järvenpää as a member of FysioAkatemia team. I also do customized business and home visits in Uusimaa region. In addition to traditional and sports massage techniques I also use a great variety of other manual techniques such as joint mobilization, kinetic taping, and fascial treatments. 

Pain, discomfort, ache? Stiffness, tension, problems with recovery? Stress, problems with sleep, anxiety? Massage has numerous scientifically shown physical and mental benefits including stress relief, reduced heart rate, blood pressure and anxiety, increased blood and lymphatic circulation, breakage of scar tissue and muscle tension, improved recovery and sleep, and release of endorphines and serotonine, just to mention a few.

Choosing a massage given by a professional therapist ensures the safe, high-quality treatment with good results. Massage appointments are always individually customized by your needs and wishes to make sure the massage is always safe, efficient, and pleasant.

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In the WELLNELL -blog I use also my creative and visual skills. Besides the subjects around my profession, I'm also sharing my thoughts, experiences and knowledge about other things important to me such as health, sports, nutrition, traveling, beauty and entrepreneurship.

Please see the tab OTA YHTEYTTÄ or contact nelliveijo@gmail.com for additional information.